Prepare Your Novel for Publication

  1. Go to TESTIMONIALS and read the feedback from indie writers we’ve helped. Be seriously impressed. If they can get published, so can you. Go to our BLOG, and read the posts from our authors. You can write one when we’ve worked on your book. And your book cover will be up there with the others.

  2. Go to CONTACT US and send us a chapter from your novel.

  3. We’ll send you a sample edit on part of your chapter (up to 1000 words) and a sample critique on the whole chapter.

  4. Check out our response to your chapter: our corrections (you’ll say ‘Gosh, I didn’t realise I’d made so many mistakes!’), our encouraging comments (you’ll say ‘Still, I’ve got some ability as a writer…’) and our critique: (you’ll say ‘Wow, I can really improve this novel!’).

  5. You agree to work with us, tell us how you want to pay (by instalments, if you prefer) and send us the full ms.

  6. We do a development edit and send you a standalone editorial report/illustrated critique and your ms, with comments showing you where and how to revise your ms.

  7. You take as long as you need to make the changes to your ms, following the guidance in the critique and the ms comments. So you stay in control as the author of your own novel.

  8. You have now revised and improved your novel. We’ll review your changes and make sure the content and structure of your novel are now in good shape.

  9. We do a complete copy-edit, working at word-level and sentence-level to iron out mistakes of grammar, spelling and punctuation, and improve the clarity and flow of your writing.

  10. The job’s done! Your novel is excellent, a book you can be proud of. You can publish it yourself (we’ll advise you how) or send it to an agent. When you get feedback from readers, you’re already thinking of your follow-up novel. In the meantime, you post your story and your book cover on the Betterwrite blog.