I’m an indie writer and I want my novel published. Can Betterwrite publish it?

We’re editors, not publishers. We can advise you about publishing your novel. More important, we can help you prepare it for publishing.

So editing is more important than publishing?

You want a quality product, don’t you?

Of course. I’ve spent ages writing it.

If it’s not good-quality, no publisher or agent will be interested. You can publish on the internet, but readers will complain about all the mistakes.

So how can you help me?

First we’ll do a development edit showing you how to knock your novel into shape. You do the rewriting. Then we copy-edit it.

So what’s the difference between a development edit and a copy-edit?

A development edit looks at the big picture, the content and shape of the whole novel – overall structure, plot, pace: the characters, the narrative, and how you tell the story from start to finish.

What about a copy-edit?

That’s more about the nuts and bolts: correcting mistakes of grammar, spelling and punctuation in each sentence. And making small changes to improve the flow and clarity of your language.

Is a development edit more important than a copy-edit?

The focus is different: macro versus micro. But both types of edit are essential for improving your novel.

Do I really need both edits?

If you just have a development edit, you can improve the overall structure of the book but you’ll have annoying mistakes at sentence level; if you just have a copy-edit the book will read better but it’ll have macro weaknesses at paragraph or chapter level. We want to identify all these faults so you can deal with the big ones, and we’ll take care of the little ones.

Can’t you do the rewriting? After all, I’m paying you.

We’ll make small-scale changes, but we’re not ghost writers. You’re the author, and you need to stay in control of the text. Besides, you probably won’t have to do that much rewriting: just a few passages that need sharpening up, tightening up or deleting; a few sections where the plot or characters aren’t plausible, there’s too much repetition, or there’s inconsistency or ambiguity.

I’ve looked at loads of editing websites. What’s special about Betterwrite?

  • We specialise in indie fiction and we’ve helped lots of writers like you.
  • We offer two complementary edits: a development edit and a copy-edit.
  • We offer a genuine partnership between you as the author and us as editors.
  • We show you your literary strengths and weaknesses, and encourage you to be a better writer.
  • We’re affordable and available to ordinary punters with no backing from a publisher.
  • We advertise your book on our website.
  • We maintain quality by only using CIEP editors.

What’s CIEP?

The Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders, a UK organisation that’s been upholding high editorial standards worldwide since 1988. It provides training and qualifications for editors, and it has a royal charter – giving its 2,000-plus members the same status as accountants and engineers.

How does that help me?

CIEP gives us a big pool of skilled professionals to choose from. We can look for the best editor for your particular novel.

How does your payment plan work?

You pay by instalments. The whole process of development editing, rewriting and copy-editing takes a few weeks, so most of our authors spread their payments over that period.

I like what I’ve heard, but can I dip a toe in the water before I dive in?

Sure. Go to CONTACT US and send us a chapter from your novel. We’ll do a sample edit and critique, and you’ll have a better idea how Betterwrite can help you.