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Nick Corble – Author and Walker

Nick, what’s your connection with Betterwrite?
Betterwrite provided both a development edit and proof of my second novel, The Bond, or Last Man Standing. The aim was to get it ‘agent-ready’.

Tell us about your work.
I’ve always written, and am pleased to now be in a position to do it full-time, having served my time at the salary workface.

What work are you doing at the moment?
I’m currently walking a diagonal line through England and writing a travel book about what I discover and the experiences I have on the way. My aim is to make this an inclusive journey, and as such have invited others to “walk with me” both personally and virtually using social media, blogs, podcasts etc. More details here:

What do you like about your work?
I love getting lost in the process and the words. Also, the challenge of making something readable and giving pleasure to others (hopefully!).

What don’t you like?
A familiar gripe perhaps, but the randomness of the publishing world. I have had books published by niche publishers and have also self-published, but it seems getting the attention of the more established publishers is a bit like winning a golden ticket.

Have you got a personal bugbear?
The (very occasional) one-star reviews you might get on Amazon. Very few books are one-star, especially when most other reviews are four or five. So you spotted an error, or think you’re cleverer than the author? Don’t give one star – that’s just sad.

What has pleased you in your work?
The juggling of thinking of the next work, writing the current one and marketing the last one.

What didn’t please you?
When I know an idea isn’t working and it’s time to admit it.

What amused you?
I always smile when an idea comes from nowhere while I’m actually writing.

Whose writing do you enjoy?
I love Paul Theroux, the grumpy old so-and-so.

Favourite title?
Fresh Air Fiend.

What do you like about Theroux’s writing?
His descriptions are so evocative of places and people. Also, when travelling, he’s his own man.

Give us a quote.
“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travellers don’t know where they’re going.”

What’s your favourite word in English?
I’ve been recording some podcasts lately, and listening to myself apparently my favourite word is absolutely.

Any other quotes?
“Writing is its own reward” – Henry Miller

Favourite saying?
“Life is a journey, but you’re the one in the driving seat.”

Apart from your work, what plans or ambitions have you got?
To continue travelling. I think I’m enormously privileged to be in a position to travel, and it’s almost a duty.

How will you do that?
By setting aside protected time so it doesn’t become something I “always meant to do”.

What have you learned about life?
Everyone views it differently.

What have you learned about people?
Understanding others’ motivations helps you understand their behaviours.

Tell us something quirky about yourself.
I often feel I’m a character in a novel about my life.

Tell us a story, true or false, with beginning, middle and end, up to 30, 60 or 120 words.
The engine wouldn’t start, they were stuck.
Taking deep breaths, they considered their options. Panic was one, logic another.
Then they remembered the starting handle.
Logic won. (27)

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