Send us a chapter of your book and we'll do a sample edit and critique - that'll show you how we can help you improve your whole book.

Betterwrite: Helping Writers to Write Better

Betterwrite will help you improve your novel, and get it ready to publish.

  • We've worked with lots of publishers including Cambridge University Press, Penguin, Bloomsbury, Hodder and HarperCollins.
  • We've edited fiction, non-fiction, dissertations, scripts and memoirs.
  • We specialise in helping indie novelists get published. We use a tried-and-tested system. We provide two types of edit: first a development edit, and then a copy-edit.

This is how it works:

  1. With an extract from your novel, we do a free sample edit and critique.
  2. If you like what we've done, you send us your full manuscript (the ms).
  3. We do a development edit, then you do some rewriting following our guidance.
  4. We do a complete copy-edit. Now you've got a good book. You can self-publish it, or send it to an agent.
  • The Oxford Dictionary defines encourage as to give support, confidence or hope to: to help the development of.                                   That's what we do for our writers.
  • And we try to be affordable for everyone.

If you visit websites for advice about editing your book, you might be confused by some of the terms you come across.

Here’s a guide to some frequently used terms