How We Work

We work with a wide range of trained editors whose experience covers all forms of writing: fiction, non-fiction, dissertations and scripts. We can select an editor with the best experience to help you improve your particular work. We edit your text, but you as the author stay in control of your own writing.

We edit your writing by correcting and rephrasing, ironing out mistakes, making sure your styling is consistent, and improving the clarity and flow of your language. We also add suggestions to help you improve your writing.

All our editors belong to the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, and they are trained professionals with a wealth of experience.



Two Betterwrite editors will work on your text. The first goes through it, doing a basic edit: correcting mistakes, helping the language flow better, and suggesting improvements for you to consider. The edited text then comes back to you. You decide on the suggested improvements, and you make all the changes you want to. Then you send it back to us and a second editor does a proofread, tidying up the text and making final corrections. The 'clean copy' then comes back to you as a finished product, improved and error-free. 

We've gone through it twice, we've edited it and proofread it - but it's still your writing. You can take pride in your work. We've improved it, but you are still the author.

You can decide what to do next: publish the book yourself, send it to a publisher or literary agent, or continue working on it: whatever option you choose, you'll know your work is a lot better than it was. Hopefully, many people will want to read it. And they won't be put off by lots of mistakes, because our editors have removed them.